Our mission is to democratize blockchain & cryptocurrencies, contribute to its decentralization & security with mining parks powered by renewable energy sources & innovations in order to reach 0% carbon emission.

"Blockchain is current, Green blockchain is the future"

At EDDU, we are convinced that blockchain technology in general and crypto currencies in particular will be an integral part of the future. These elements meet many of humanity’s needs, significantly accelerating the speed of their adoption. 

As a result, all the infrastructures that support these ecosystems (mainly mining) are constantly growing, as well as their colossal demand for electricity to ensure their proper functioning. 

Aware of the ecological stakes of our era, EDDU has set a clear objective: mining with 0% carbon emissions.

It is therefore through various solutions and innovations that EDDU contributes to the securing, decentralization and development of all these ecosystems but in an ecological manner in order to preserve the planet.

EDDU also actively participates in the information of individuals and professionals through learning modules so that everyone can learn, adapt and understand the ongoing revolution that are the blockchain & cryptocurrencies that are evolving rapidly.

Whether you are a beginner or a mining plant owner, EDDU meets all your needs.

Our Solutions & Innovations

EDDU recovers electricity from overproduction or waste such as oil flaring to power ASIC miners. We also help countries to develop and stabilize their electrical networks around the world.

Our Mining Expertise

EDDU carries out multiple expertises dedicated to small to large miners in order to meet their needs and energy or technical.

Our Consulting

Explain through different modules intended for individuals as well as professionals, the problematic and the functioning of blockchain and crypto-currencies with all the ecosystem that accompanies them (DeFi, NFT, etc).

EDDU the solution for everyone at the right time

6 Years Of Experience In The Cryptocurrency Industry

« It all started in 2017 when during a meal with friends, one of them mentioned bitcoin in a quick way, so I subsequently did my own research and realized the technological potential that was hidden behind it which was: the blockchain

I quickly understood that this technology through cryptocurrencies, supply chain and others, will revolutionize sectors worldwide. »

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