EDDU is a company that was thought & created around blockchain and crypto-currencies.

Its objective today is simple, to democratize to the eyes of the general public the blockchain technology and its specific use that are the crypto-currencies and to familiarize the use of it on a large scale in order to revolutionize the current centralized financial system.

In parallel, in order to make viable on this large scale the crypto-currencies, it is necessary that this one adapts to the world in which we live in order to last in the time, it is thus for that which is of the has for objective to make the world mining park in an eco-responsible activity with as objective 0 % of CO2 emission.

"Blockchain is current, green blockchain is the future"

« The story starts in 2017 during a meal with friends when one of them brings up the subject of bitcoins that was starting to make some waves in the media. Immediately, this discussion captivated me, I found the idea exciting although a lot of technical details and applications were missed during the discussion. »

Edouard Dubrana CEO

« Some time later, I started to look into this famous bitcoin and began to research this whole ecosystem. The more I got into the subject, the more concrete I found it to be, and the more good solutions that came out were in line with my values. I was immediately seduced and started to buy liquidity in bitcoin and ethereum. During my research, I came across mining, that’s when I understood that it was a more controllable way of investing than just speculating on the price curve, I started investing alone in one, two, three charts… After a few months of operation, I could see that it was fruitful, so I decided to take this activity professionally. I spent 6 months looking for investors and was subsequently able to open a mining center located in the south of France in early 2018.

Today this desire to make crypto currencies live, secure, decentralize are more than ever part of my motivation. But in all these values concerning the currency, freedom, it missed one, it was the ecology. That’s why I found it opportune for the planet as well as for the survival of the cryptographic system to combine ecology and its use.

More freedom, more transparency, more practicality in personal and professional finance while remaining in phase with our planet… This is the foundation of EDDU as well as the deep motivations of the company. »

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