Why invest in EDDU?

Today, blockchain is not only an alternative, it is becoming an integral component of the web 3.0 revolution that is coming, at this time (2022), EDDU has more than 6 years of experience in this world that are blockchain and cryptocurrency. A long term, solid and complete experience that allows it to ensure today the good management as well as a total optimization of financial contribution made by investors.
Investing in EDDU is not only an investment like any other, it is to participate in the revolution of the entire financial system by meeting the needs that the current system can no longer perform properly, but in the case of EDDU, it is also to preserve the planet by maximizing the use of renewable energy.

EDDU and the ESG score?

In this case, the world of blockchain has long been in line with the S (social) and G (governance) categories of the ESG score, notably thanks to the transparency of the information present on blockchain and the social revolutions it can bring (insurance, financial transfer, object authenticity (NFT)). Also its governance is a revolution in terms of functioning, especially thanks to the DAO which simplifies and drastically changes the decision making process in a much more democratic way than elsewhere.

The only point that has been missing until recently was the E (environment), for far too long the bitcoin world has been impacted by the bad press made by the media regarding its excessive consumption of energy worldwide. EDDU is here to meet this overriding demand to continue this revolution while respecting the planet.

Monitoring of the investment

EDDU will communicate via the website as well as on the e-mail addresses that the investors will have communicated, a detailed follow-up in PDF of all the actions carried out during the duration X determined beforehand (example 1 month). EDDU also remains at the investor’s disposal every day and undertakes to respond to any request within 24 hours via the support.

This follow-up will be available at any time and will remain available on the site without time limit.

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