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Mining at 0% carbon rate

At EDDU, we have a long-standing philosophy, we want crypto-currencies and blockchain to be part of the future of mankind and for that how to close our eyes on ecology which has been a primary topic for several years. That’s why we have implemented all its engineering in order to be able to offer existing or future mining factories a 100% ecological energy supply.

EDDU draws its energy from surplus production from renewable energy, this energy is not usable by the producer and is destined to be thrown away, we have valued it for the production of Bitcoin. This operation is beneficial for all actors, whether it is the managers of electrical networks to manage the surplus of renewable energies in order to preserve the electrical network, it also allows the development of the country’s electrical network. For the actors of mining, reduce the cost of electricity by using these losses resulting from overproduction in order to be profitable.

This is not all, we take over the unproductive and polluting losses of certain industries, such as flaring from oil refineries, chemical plants and natural gas processing plants. This excess fuel burned in the atmosphere becomes a pure, polluting waste product that EDDU recovers to produce a usable energy source for crypto-currency mining. 

Our expertise also consists of analyzing the geographical location of a factory in order to best meet the energy production required of it and to cover as much of its production as possible with renewable energy and ideally to reduce carbon emissions to 0%. These solutions will use various renewable energies such as wind turbines, solar panels, hydrogen energy, biogas, and many others. Our goal is not only to provide energy, but also to limit unnecessary waste to the infrastructure such as excess heat from miners. EDDU has therefore developed heat recovery systems in order to benefit other players and to limit the possible unnecessary pollution of a third party by recycling this heat that is harmful to the mining infrastructure.

Our Mining Expertise

Your custom installation, that's our goal

After more than 6 years in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a specialization, it was immediately felt, the mining. In late 2017 the founder of EDDU to begin in the design and realization of server compose graphics card (RIG) in order to exploit the mining of Ethereum, very quickly faced with the success of the investment the number of RIG to increase considerably until holding more than a hundred graphics cards. In 2018 Edouard Dubrana built a mining factory in the south of France after the formation by him of a group of investors to follow him in this adventure. With this experience, EDDU is now able to meet the needs of both small and large miners. Whether it is the choice of machines, the place where to set up, the legislation, the network, or more especially today the energy, EDDU has the capacity to make a tailor-made accompaniment to meet all your needs for your investment project in the world of cryptocurrrency mining.

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail if you have any request concerning our expertise.

Our Consulting

Understanding for better success

At EDDU, we are convinced that for the majority of people who are not initiated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, understanding is not always obvious. The evolution of these sectors is fast and complex which adds an additional difficulty to understand.

EDDU wished to alleviate this problem by creating elaborate learning modules for individuals as well as professionals to understand the philosophical, economic and social aspects of crypto-currencies and blockchain.


You will find within these 7 modules everything you need to know to fully understand this sometimes complex world. Many topics are covered such as the history of money through the creation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, their evolution and their possible uses in the future.


These modules can be adapted for a private course as well as a conference with many spectators, these modules will be presented orally with the help of a video projector and in an interactive way to ensure an optimal learning from the audience.

  • History of the currency

    The history of money (dollar, euro) to understand what a currency is

  • What is Bitcoin?

    The history of bitcoin, its origin, its evolution, how blockchain works

  • What are altcoins?

    The history of altcoins, their differences, their different conceptions of bitcoin

  • Store, sell, buy cryptocurrency

    The basics to enter the world of cryptomoney

  • DeFi

    What is decentralized finance and its possibilities

  • NFT

    What are NFTs and their uses?

  • The future

    A format here more free expression to speculate on the possible future of cryptocurrencies (their adoptions, ecology, legislations)

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